Frequently Asked Questions

Do I get paid?

Yea, boiiiii!

Is Camp Sonshine affiliated with a certain denomination?

Short answer. No. Long answer. Check out our Values & Purpose Page.

How long is my summer commitment?

Most staff do a full summer (10 weeks). The full summer experience is where you’ll experience MAX benefits. Ask us about this!

We do offer partial summer contracts (5 – 9 weeks). Everyone also goes through one week of training!

I have a collection of 8 lightsabers? Can I bring them?

Yes. We love that you love Star Wars almost as much as you love Jesus. Camp Sonshine group counselors bring the fun and creativity! If that’s how you bring it, we’re cool with that!

Can I get college credit for working this summer?

Yes. We’d love to partner with your educational institution! Contact us for more information.

Where will I live during my time at camp?

We have gone and prepared a place for you. If you are coming from afar, we provide you with a Host Home, a family who loves Camp Sonshine and provides you a place to go lay your weary head to rest.

Are the rumors true? Does Lil’ Sebastian live at Camp Sonshine?

Unfortunately, no. But his cousin (Lil) Sassy does! She’s the best mini horse this side of Chicago.

Do I get free time?

You get free time!
Group Counselors who work at our day camp locations get Saturday afternoon through Sunday off!
Group Counselors who work at our overnight site get Saturday – Sunday afternoon off!

What do parents say about Camp Sonshine Counselors?

“Thank you so much for creating the most magical week for Will. He was so hesitant attending camp and had lots of anxiety about it. After the first day he came home telling me how much he loved it. I never thought he would stay overnight and he did! I am so proud of him and how he has grown this week. I love summer camp and wanted him to have that same magical experience and it happened! Thank you so much for making him feel special. He has been singing camp songs every night and telling me about his experiences. He is ALL smiles and can’t wait to attend Camp Sonshine next summer!”

“It was my granddaughter’s birthday during the week — her counselor gave her a very heartfelt birthday card filled with inspiring words and a bible in which she wrote inspiring words as well. She made a huge positive impact on her — Thank you!!”

“My son said he really appreciated being able to talk to his counselor about anything – especially his fears of sleeping over. Thanks to all the staff for making us feel welcome and giving our child a good time! He said he truly felt that he belonged.”

“My daughter’s counselor made a huge impression on her! She was so kind and built our daughter up. She now wants to be a counselor herself when she is old enough.”

Check out more on our testimonial page!

Have a question that's not answered here?

Contact us! Really. Pick up the phone, text us, or open your email. We’d love to hear from you.
Recruiting Phone #: 402-853-0224 // info@campsonshinememories.org