The Fun Zone!

Welcome to the Camp Sonshine Fun Zone – a place to find a variety of media to enjoy! Get to know camp by watching our location promo videos. Reminisce on your time at Camp Sonshine by watching out many session videos. Listen to our camp playlists via Spotify!

Meet Camp Sonshine!

Camp Sonshine is so much more than just a one-week summer activity! Enjoy a brief look at some of the great experiences awaiting you at camp by watching our promo videos below. You’ll find Camp Sonshine – a place fully dedicated to making a positive impact in the lives of campers and their families.

Welcome to Camp Sonshine!

Welcome to Camp Solaris!

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Life Change Stories

The memorable and life-changing camp experiences that we provide are the tools we use to help campers and staff better understand their unique place in God’s story and to passionately pursue a calling devoted to helping others do the same. Here are a few of the many, many stories of life-change at Camp Sonshine.

Max’s Story

Bryce’s Story

Desko’s Story

Josiah’s Story

Summer Session Videos

At the end of every summer session, we take pride in taking some time to stop and share what we’ve learned and experienced with our campers and staff. Go back and find the session you attended to reminisce on all the memories you made!

Camp Sonshine: Summer 2020

Camp Solaris: Summer 2020

Camp Sonshine: Summer 2019 & More Coming Soon!

Camp Solaris: Summer 2019 & More Coming Soon!

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