Summer Salary


Full Summer

Sunday, May 29 – Sunday August 15, 2021
10 Weeks + 1 Training Week
$1,750 – $2,500


Half Summer

5 Weeks + 1 Training Week
$750 – $1,200


Weekly Salary

You weekly salary depends on things like experience & time committment. Make more per week by committing to more weeks of camp!


All Staff Training Week

Sunday, May 30 – Saturday, June 5, 2021
$100 Bonus For Completing Training!



Recruiting Bonus – Camp is more fun with friends! If Camp Sonshine hires someone you refer, you are eligible for an additional BONUS!

Ask your recruiting contact for more information about other bonuses you can receive!

*All bonuses will be paid out upon the fulfillment of summer contracts.

Housing, Meals & Transportation

Don’t sweat it! Camp Sonshine can provides your summer meals, and if you are coming from afar, your summer housing too! You are responsible for transportation to and from camp, but BONUS – we provide a travel reimbursement!

Professional & Personal Development

Camp Sonshine staff gain of on-the-job training in problem solving, work ethic, interpersonal communication, and vision casting. Through focused mentorship from our leadership staff members, summer staff acquire tangible life experiences in leading themselves and others, self-discipline, and team dynamics. Sharpening skills and developing character, we prepare and equip our staff for whatever God has called them to next.

Read a testimonial from a Regional Manager of a National Corporation and why he looks for and hires Camp Sonshine staff.

In my experience, Camp Sonshine staff are dependable, worthy of trust, take direction well, work hard, ask good questions and adapt as things change around them.

When given a task, they can follow directions and work without supervision to produce the desired result.

In a customer service environment, I find Camp Sonshine staff to be skilled people readers. They aren’t afraid to “play” with customers and other staff and make the environment fun. At the same time, they see purpose behind the play and can be serious and professional.

In short, by using the skills that make them great camp counselors, like the ability to embrace a goal, be flexible, evaluate a situation and read and influence a group, Camp Sonshine staff have shown themselves time and again to be instant leaders when placed on a team in one of my stores.

Regional Manager, National College Bookstore Corporation