Our Mission & Values

Imagine if there was a place whose focus was on creating a unique environment for campers and their families to experience the kinds of positive life transformation that they will never forget. A place whose activities were as innovative as they were creative. And a place where the most joyful, energetic and loving people came together with a commitment to being the kinds of positive role models today’s kids need. Well, that place does exist and we like to call it Camp Sonshine!

Core Values 

1. Faith

We believe that full reliance upon God is the key to any and all of our endeavors. We desire to do nothing apart from his plans and purposes. We also value faith as in reference to the Christian Faith. Our belief in the saving grace of Jesus Christ is the motivation for and foundation to all our plans and efforts.

2. Family

Although it is ultimately the children who are enrolled in camp, our desire is to minister to the whole family. We desire to strengthen the family unit through investing in children and reinforcing the positive lessons learned on the home front as we partner with parents for the positive development of their children. We also aim to develop a family environment amongst the staff and with the campers.

3. Growth

One of our goals is to see growth in the lives of each one of our campers and staff. We desire to promote positive growth in all areas of life: physical, emotional, social, spiritual, and intellectual. We want to see each camper and staff member leave camp as a different person than when they arrived.

4. Service

We want to embody this value through offering unbelievably amazing customer service. We believe that through exceeding customer expectations, our ministry to families will be enhanced. We are also committed to giving our campers the opportunity to experience the joys and blessings of serving others through a variety of intentionally planned service projects.

5. Imagination

We believe that children need a safe environment where they can dream, create, and imagine. In today’s world, it’s sometimes tough for a kid to be a kid and it is important for us to provide them with a safe and accepting place to do that. As we are created by God and in his image, we also believe that part of that image is evident in that children have a desire and ability to create. Imagination unlocks the door to creativity and allows children to hope and to dream.