What We Talked About

Session 5 was a wonderful week and we enjoyed watching as the kids grew in community and friendship with each other.  Our focus was on peace and we discussed that peace can really be understood as the assurance of security.  We sleep a little better when we know the doors are locked and the alarm is set.  We get confirmation emails that assure us that our order has been placed and is scheduled to arrive on time.  Peace really prevails when we know that our and our plans are secure.

This looks different with the things of life that are intangible but the same principle applies.  We believe that God is good and loving to us and our confidence in the security of that allows us to live at peace, even when the situations and circumstances around us appear frightening.  The ability to rely on God in the midst of life’s storms is a lifelong pursuit but one that is worth the effort.


Questions to Ask Your Camper

  1. Have you ever run to your parent’s bedroom during a strong thunderstorm in the middle of the night?  Why do you think you felt more secure when you were with your parent(s)?
  2. Do you have any situations you are facing that you feel unpeaceful about?  Where can you turn for peace?
  3. Consider ways that you or your family can provide someone else with a sense of security in the midst of a difficult situation they are facing.  Can you help provide peace for someone or encourage them to turn to someone who can?