Camp Sonshine


General Information

Camp Sonshine continues to provide an atmosphere where campers find a place to belong and become who they were created to be. In the midst of a continually changing environment, we remain committed to providing our camp families with a safe and life-changing experience.

Camp Sonshine will continue to practice appropriate distancing between groups of campers, promote healthy hygiene practices of staff and campers, perform in depth cleaning and disinfection of facilities and activity equipment and direct groups to continue spending time outdoors building meaningful relationships and making life-changing memories together.  We will continue to monitor local directive health measures as part of our commitment to provide campers with a camp experience that is not only safe physically, mentally and emotionally but also impacting and meaningful.

Summer Health

With the Delta variant on the rise as well as other summer illnesses, we are taking a proactive approach to protecting the health and safety of our campers and staff, so that we are able to continue to provide unforgettable camp experiences throughout the remainder of the summer.

Out of an abundance of caution, here are our current programming and process changes we have implemented to address the areas that pose the highest risks of exposure in a camp setting.

  • Camper Health Monitoring – We ask that any campers who feel sick to stay home and rest.  We will resume daily health check-ins with families during morning arrival.

  • Staff Health Monitoring – Camp staff undergo daily health monitoring.  If a staff members reports feeling unwell, is symptomatic, or has a known direct exposure to someone with COVID, that staff member is immediately separated from the camp community.  Quarantining and testing will be administered based on the unique situation prior to returning to camp. 
  • Cleaning & Sanitization – We will increase the cleaning cycles to our highest used areas at camp and perform in-depth cleaning and disinfection of facilities and activity equipment.  Counselors will also continue to emphasize handwashing and proper personal hygiene.

  • Outdoor Programming & Grouping – As always, we’ll direct groups to spend time outdoors and adjust any indoor activities to an outdoor location.  Furthermore, we will continue to emphasize group distancing and focus on individual cohorts so that campers can continue to build meaningful relationships and make life-changing memories together within their group.

  • Overnight Camp – In addition to the items above, we have installed air purification systems in the sleeping rooms and have instituted touchless food service lines for camper meals.  Unfortunately, we will also not be having a closing program for families.  

Good, Great, Best

There is not a “one size fits all” solution for every group, program and scenario that we will experience at camp and so we are adopting plans that will allow us to identify and respond to situations based on varying degrees of acceptable outcomes. When at all possible we will strive for what we consider to be the “best” approach which is designed to both limit possible exposure and increase personal distance between participants. In situations where the “best” approach may not be possible, our response will always be to follow a scaled approach in first pursuing the many “great” options we have before utilizing other reasonably “good” options that may be available.