Session 6 – SELF CONTROL (Galatians 5:16)

What We Talked About

We live in an instant gratification world.  We have the ability to have what we want, when we want it, with a thousand options of colors and styles.  We don’t have to wait a whole week to see the next episode of our favorite show, but are able to binge watch an entire season.  Waiting to see a developed photograph is a foreign concept.  At some stores, you don’t even need to wait in a checkout line anymore.  Scan the items with your phone as you put them in the cart and you can skip the check-out line.  All of these wonderful, modern conveniences can slowly rob us of opportunities to have patience and demonstrate self control.

The idea of self control can sound restrictive, but in fact it provides us with freedom to live with fewer regrets.  Some of the greatest pains we experience growing up, or inflict on others, usually have a root cause associated with a lack of self control.  It’s easier to just say what we feel in a moment of anger/frustration or to act out in other ways that could hurt someone else.  Self control in each situation allows us to respond to others instead of react.  It allows us to choose our words wisely or consider how our actions will affect other people.  Ultimately, learning self control as a child sets a strong foundation for other life lessons to be built upon.

Questions to Ask Your Camper

  1. Have you ever impacted someone in a negative way due to a lack of self control?  How have you been impacted by others?
  2. What are some of the immediate benefits you can experience from having self control?  What are the long term effects?
  3. Talk with your parents about ways they can help you practice self control and ask them what suggestions they have to help you as you grow?