What We Talked About

We live in an amazing time that allows us almost immediate access to information, entertainment and many other things almost immediately.  We can sometimes be frustrated by waiting in such a high speed world, which also makes the idea of having patience that much more difficult while at the same time that much more important.  Patience is more than just the idea of waiting.  It might better be described as being okay with waiting

Some of our favorite movie and story plot lines involve the main characters persevering through difficulties as they learn and grow and we love cheering them on as they experience a breakthrough.  As we BECOME more patient people, we too will begin to notice the rippling effect that patience has in our relationships, our attitudes and our behaviors.  Patience allows us to “bloom where we are planted” and to make the most of every moment.


Questions to Ask Your Camper

  1. What is something you were excited about that you had to wait for?  How long did you have to wait?
  2. Why is waiting such a hard thing to do sometimes?
  3. How does learning to be okay with waiting now impact your life as you continue to grow?  What are the long term benefits of learning to be okay with waiting?