Session 1 – LOVE (Matthew 22:34-40)

What We Talked About

What does it look like to “BECOME” love?  Sometimes it can be hard to figure that out, especially in a world where there seems to be so much division, anger and arguing.  Real love is unconditional and means that I will do what’s best for you no matter what.  It means that we can be different from other people, or even disagree with them, and still choose to do things that are kind and caring for that person.  As we become more loving, we will also begin to realize that doing what is best for others may even cost me something in the process.  I may have to give of my time, my energy or even share something that is super important to me.  One of the cool things about love is that the more we love others, the more capacity we have to love even more.

Questions to Ask Your Camper

  1. What are some “things” you love?  Is there a difference between saying you love a parent/sibling and saying that you love pizza or a video game?
  2. Why is it sometimes harder to love people who are different from us?
  3. What can you do this week to show real love to your family, friends, or even those who are different from you?