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In the coming months, we will be releasing details of our plans for some exciting improvements and additions to the Camp Sonshine and Camp Solaris properties that will further our ability to continue “Making Memories, Changing Lives”.

Stay Tuned and Mark Your Calendars for Giving Tuesday!

Below, you will find the many ways you can give to the mission of “Making Memories, Changing Lives.”

Build Up Camp Sonshine!

See Photo of New Pavilion Above!

Ways To Get Involved

November 27, 2018

May 2019!

Over the past year, Camp Sonshine has paid off the Barn & Pool Project, built an Aerial Park at Camp Solaris, and seen much growth in many areas! We are excited to announce a two-phase plan for the future of Camp Sonshine as we plan for longevity in our mission of Making Memories, Changing Lives.

Phase One: A Permanent Solution To Storm Damage

The White Tent, a space that so powerfully instructs campers in navigating the storms in their lives, was completely destroyed in a powerful storm earlier this fall. In the early morning hours of Sunday, August 20, high winds hit Camp Sonshine causing a range of damages including the total destruction of the white tent, the second of its kind to have been destroyed by a violent storm in recent years.

Camp Sonshine has decided that it is time to put up something more permanent that will last for years – purposefully taking care of the amazing children and families we serve. The Camp Sonshine board has recently voted and approved a two-phase plan to address our needs. The first step is to build a permanent pavilion where the old white tent stood. This open-air pavilion will provide a shaded, outdoor space to be enjoyed by campers for years to come.

UPDATE: Many of you got to witness the construction process of the new Camp Pavilion as you dropped off and picked up each day during the summer. Thank you for your patience throughout the process and for your flexibility navigating the mess. We can confidently say that it has been worth the wait. 

If you haven’t had a chance to see the finished product yet, you are in for a real treat the next time you come to camp. The main structure is complete and we are busy finishing up some of the cosmetics. We will soon be installing lights and electric as well as pouring concrete for the floor. This new addition to camp provides a great location for families, churches or business to use this fall for picnics or other types of outdoor gatherings.

Phase Two: Long Term Site Planning! More Information Coming Soon!

Camper Scholarship Fund

We desire that every child that wants to come to camp gets the opportunity. That is why each year Camp Sonshine families and friends donate to our scholarship program.

General Fund

Want to give to the mission of Camp Sonshine? Give to our general fund here!
Online fundraising for CAMP SONSHINE at Razoo

Camp Sonshine International

Camp Sonshine, Nebraska is proud to work in connection with its global outreach partner called Camp Sonshine International. CSI coordinates opportunities for Camp Sonshine counselors, volunteers and camper families to go on trips around the world to bring the love of Jesus to children everywhere through the ministry of Camp Sonshine!

Camp Sonshine, Nebraska sponsors and leads a team that goes to Mezcales, Mexico each year. For more information about Camp Sonshine International, click here!


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