Camp Sonshine

child protection plan

Camp Sonshine’s staff hold your child’s safety in the highest importance, which is why we’ve developed a comprehensive Child Protection Plan.

This plan includes background checks and exhaustive interviews with potential staff members, extensive training on Camp Sonshine’s policies and guidelines for summer and full-time staff, supervision, multiple reporting systems, and more.


Camp Sonshine is a firm believer in Active Supervision.  Campers are put into groups led by a trained counselor who is fully engaged and actively involved in the activities and conversations within the group.  This results in an environment where bullying and any notion of undesired behavior is addressed right away.


  • In-depth application process 
  • Team interviews
  • Social involvement
  • Spiritual development
  • Shared values and core beliefs
  • References and background checks


Camp Sonshine’s Child Protection Plan includes training staff in the following areas:

  • Risk Management (see more below)
  • Crisis Management
  • Safety Policies & Procedures
  • Zero Tolerance Policies Regarding Abuse
  • Comprehensive Abuse Awareness & Prevention
  • Proper Conduct: Touch, Talk Territory
  • Active Supervision: Training & Management


Camp Sonshine provides multiple avenues for campers and staff to report all levels of undesired behavior or violations of protection plan policies.

  • Multiple Layers of Leadership & Management
  • Access to Camp Directors who are involved in day to day operations
  • Comment Boxes available
  • Confidential Hotline Numbers are posted


Camp Staff are trained to manage a variety of risks associated with running a super fun, high energy, outdoor youth camp program.  These risks include but are not limited to:

  • Physical & Emotional Health & Safety
  • Facilities & Grounds Management
  • Food Service
  • Camp Security (Including Intruder Prevention)
  • Transportation