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Here is some important information you will want to know before your session!

For a more detailed look at your camper’s experience, please see our full Parent Guide!


Our counselors will be calling to introduce themselves to you and your camper this weekend. Don’t be afraid to answer those unknown numbers!

Also, please be sure to fill out our camper profile form before you arrive on your online dashboard.


PLEASE BRING: Water bottle, Closed Toed Shoes, Sunscreen / Bug Spray, Modest Clothing & Swimsuit, Backpack, Pillow & Bedding, Toiletries & Towel

DO NOT BRING: Cell Phones, Smart Watches, Electronics/Valuables, Large Amounts of Money, Knives (etc.), Peanut Products (due to allergies)

    #3: DROP OFF / PICK UP

    (3-night program)
    Drop Off –
    9:30 – 10:00 a.m. on Monday Morning
    Pick Up – 6:30 p.m. on Thursday evening

    (5-night program)
    Drop Off – 6:30 – 7:00 p.m. on Sunday evening
    Pick Up – 6:30 p.m. on Friday evening


    End of Session Closure – All family members are invited to join us at Solaris for an end of session dessert celebration complete with a viewing of our session highlight video!


    Swim Levels
    RED –
    Not allowed to enter pool
    YELLOW – May Swim but only with a life jacket
    GREEN – May swim unrestricted

    If you need to update your camper’s swim level, you may go to your online dashboard or call the office. For more information about our swimming procedures, check out the parent guide!

    Swimming Locations

    Pool – Campers will travel to Camp Sonshine once per week to utilize the camp swimming pool and other water inflatables. 

    Pond – This space is complete with a beach area, water trampoline, slide and a double launch pad for additional aquatic adventures. All participants will wear lifejackets in the pond whenever using water activities or outside of the roped off swimming area.


    Camp Sonshine – Solaris is located at 2349 State Hwy Spur 34b, Firth, NE 68350. Follow the map below for best route to camp!


    Every day during the week, groups stop by the Camp Store to purchase a small treat or a refreshing ice cream. Snacks range in price from $.50 – $2 and other camp merchandise range from $2 – $20.

    There will be free flavor ice available during group visits for those campers who did not bring any money.

    We suggest that parents deposit money (via the camper online dashboard) into their snack shack account to avoid campers carrying money around. 

    Where Do I Deposit Snack Shack Money?

    • Online Portal When You Register or During The Week
    • When In Doubt, Call The Office!


    Campers, and even group counselors, are not permitted to bring electronics to camp so that they can enjoy the complete camp experience. Parents/guardians can always get quick access to your camper through calling the office at 402.423.8746. Devices that make it to camp will be kept safely in the office.

    For more information on our electronics policy, please see the Parent Guide!


    Camp Solaris is a PEANUT FREE facility. If packing snacks for campers, please make sure snacks do not contain peanuts or were packaged in a facility with peanuts. Any snacks brought containing peanuts will be gathered by staff and kept in the office until the end of the week.


    If your camper has any over-the-counter or prescription medications, you will need to login to your Online Registration Dashboard to complete the drug authorization form prior to your session.

    Prescriptions need to come in their original bottle. All medications will be kept in the first aid station and given to the camper at the appropriate time. EpiPens & Rescue Inhalers must be kept with campers. If your camper has one, bring a hip pack or a bag your camper can carry with them at all times.


    Since the beginning, Camp Sonshine’s heart has been for our camper families to feel that they belong to our camp family! We want to create a place where you are known and loved.

    Now that the Camp Sonshine family is so large, we’ve created a position at camp focused on keeping you connected.

    Set up a meeting today with Trisha to:

    • Get a tour and get to know Camp Sonshine
    • Learn how you can get involved & help
    • Learn about how you can invest in our giving programs (monthly giving, scholarship fund, or capital campaign).

    Click here to schedule a meeting with Trisha!