Dear Friends and Family,

David and I are very excited to be going on our SECOND mission trip with Camp Sonshine. For those of you who don’t know, we were introduced to Camp Sonshine by our daughter, Adrianna. She’s worked there for 9 summers and 6 years full time. Adrianna will also be traveling to Zambia, Africa for a new Camp Sonshine program!

ABOUT MEXICO: This coming January, a Camp Sonshine team will be traveling to Puerto Vallarta, Mexico, and then on to Mezcales, a small town about 30 minutes outside of PV. We will be partnering with Lee and Carol Short and LifeSavers Ministries. Lee and Carol are missionaries who have lived in Mexico for many years. In Mezcales, they have built a community center where the kids who are a part of their program come to learn English and to learn about Jesus. Their mission is to feed children: mind, body, and soul. Camp Sonshine has visited this location for 12 years and has done a camp program for the kids in Mezcales each time! Our time there will be filled with putting on camp programs for a local, poor community called San Vicente (formerly Cartonlandia) in the mornings and at the community center in Mezcales in the afternoons! 

MEXICO LAST YEAR: In January of 2023, we went with Camp Sonshine to Mexico for the first time. David was tasked with leading the sports rotation during the camp day and driving the team around in one of the vehicles. I (Mona) was tasked with connecting and leading a group of moms who stick around while their children experience camp. The mom group turns into a camp group itself because we have games and crafts available for them to do. I even got to share some bible verses from my Spanish Jesus Calling book during devotional time. Not only does this experience impact the lives of the campers in Mexico who look forward to Camp Sonshine arriving every year, but words cannot even begin to express how life changing this program is for us. It brought tears to my eyes seeing David work with the kids from Mexico – from a community similar to the one his family chose to leave to come to the U.S.A. ~50 years ago. I was moved when we saw these young adults from Nebraska (even though they didn’t know much Spanish) make the campers’ faces light up with laughter and smiles. We even got to spend some quality time with David’s brother who lives in Puerto Vallarta. He helped us do supply runs during the day when we needed, helped with whatever was needed, and even took time to take the team on a boating excursion on our day off. It was a joy to serve with Camp Sonshine and to give of our time to God in this way. I’d love to share all about our experience with you! Feel free to call me at 402-613-6357!

CALLED TO SERVE: We feel that serving with Camp Sonshine is one way that we feel called to give of our time and talents. It makes a huge impact on the community in Mexico. This year, David and I will be traveling to PV again – this time alongside our daughter Adrianna. She will also be going with Camp Sonshine to start a new program like the one in Mexico – but this time, in Zambia, Africa! (If you would like more information about Zambia and how God opened those doors, let me know! I’d love to chat!) We would love your support as we embark on these trips. 

GOAL: The Mexico trip costs about $1,000 per person – a total of $3,000 for the three of us. Adrianna’s Zambia trip costs about $3,000. Our total goal is $6,000 with $1500 already raised! This covers the cost of the plane tickets, meals, meals for the children during the camp day, and it allows Camp Sonshine to buy supplies for the trip (most of which we leave at the community center at the various locations for future use). 

If you’re interested in supporting our mission trip financially, you can do one of the following (just don’t forget to mention “Tarin Family” wherever you give!):

  1. Go to CampSonshineMemories.org/Give,
  2. Mail in a check to Camp Sonshine at 13440 S. 25th St, Roca, NE 68430, or
  3. Call the Camp Sonshine office at 402-423-8746 and pay over the phone.

Any and every donation is so appreciated (and also tax deductible)! If you’re interested in being a prayer partner for us and our team or if you are interested in receiving a post-trip update, please let me know! I pray that you and your family are doing well and that you are in some way experiencing the presence of God in your everyday life.

Ultimately, we’d love your prayers as we embark on these adventures. For the hearts of the kids to want to learn more about God. For the hearts of the team to be open to growing as a camp leader and a servant of God. For all the finances to work out so that we can serve in this way!

Loving children & families in Jesus’ name,

Mona Tarin

Camp Sonshine Contact Info
13440 S 25th St., Roca, NE 68430 | 402-423-8746 | info@CampSonshineMemories.org

David & Mona Contact Info
5409 S. 31st Ct, Lincoln, NE 68516 | 402-613-6357 | monajtarin@gmail.com

Prayer requests: Boldness for the team to go into the community and share Jesus, health & safety for the team, effectiveness of teaching and sharing the gospel, funds for trips and supplies to donate to the ministries in Mexico and Zambia, and the joy of Christ that will be noticeable!