Ringing In The New Year Camp Sonshine Style!

December 31 – January 1
7:00 p.m. – 10:00 a.m.
Lincoln Berean Youth Complex

The fun begins at 7:00pm New Year’s Eve and goes until 10:00am on New Year’s Day! Programs will be available for K – 5th & 6th – 9th graders! NYE Overnighter Space is limited. Bring your sleeping bag, pillow, and pajamas, and get ready for the funnest New Year’s party around. This year, we will be offering some separate program activities specifically for our 6th – 9th grade campers!

  • Event @ Lincoln Berean Youth Complex (Hwy 2 & 70th St.)
  • Drop Off will be from 7:00-7:20 PM
  • Pick up will be from 10:00-10:20 AM
  • If your camper has medication, please fill out the Drug Authorization Form and pack the form with the medication in a plastic bag to check in at registration.

What Do We Need To Bring?

  1. Anything your camper would need for an overnighter, sleeping bag, pillow, pajama’s, toothbrush, etc.
  2. Refillable Water Bottle
  3. Closed Toe Shoes.

Do I Need To Pack Food For My Camper?
We will be providing snacks and breakfast in the morning. Please feed your camper(s) dinner before they come!

Electronic Free Zone…
It has always been Camp Sonshine’s policy that campers and group counselors are NOT PERMITTED to bring electronics to camp, which include but not limited to: cell phone, smart watches, handheld gaming devices, laptops, iPods, iPads, etc.
Not only are these devices expensive and can be lost or severely damaged in a camp setting, but their use also interferes with and even undermines a child’s complete camp experience.
We believe that being at camp is an opportunity for your camper to experience a world beyond home.
Although it may be tempting to bring that new smartwatch you got for Christmas, we’d ask that these items be left at home so that campers can experience being “present” and having fun at the New Year’s Eve Overnighter!
If you have questions or concerns, please call the office at 402.423.8746.