Growing Through Life’s Storms: Sit down with any group of campers or counselors from Camp Sonshine while they are sharing some of their favorite camp memories and you’re bound to hear them talk about assembly.
Assembly is that one time of day where the entire camp of 200 or more people each week comes together for songs and skits. It’s where campers sing and dance together, laugh together, sweat together, and ultimately grow together.
It’s one of those special places in life we all need that gives us strength to withstand the many storms we face as we make our way through life. Assembly in the white tent is one of those unique camp environments where the lessons are real, the impact eternal.
Camp Sonshine Growing Through Storm Damage: Ironically enough, this space that so powerfully instructs campers in navigating the storms in their lives was completely destroyed in a powerful storm earlier this fall. In the early morning hours of Sunday, August 20, high winds hit Camp Sonshine causing a range of damages including the total destruction of the white tent, the second of its kind to have been destroyed by a violent storm in recent years.


Phase One: A Permanent Solution
Camp Sonshine has decided that it is time to put up something more permanent that will last for years – purposefully taking care of the amazing children and families we serve.
The Camp Sonshine board has recently voted and approved a two-phase plan to address our needs. The first step is to build a permanent pavilion where the old white tent used to be. This open-air pavilion will provide a shaded, outdoor space to be enjoyed by campers for years to come. *The photo above depicts what our pavilion could look like.
Phase Two: Camp Sonshine Activity Center: Upon completion of the pavilion, we will be focusing our efforts on plans for a Camp Sonshine Activity Center. This large activity structure will provide space for ministry expansion with athletic courts, climbing activities, gathering spaces for groups, and a larger assembly area, which will better accommodate growing camp programs in the future. Stay tuned for more information on this project!


Before we begin to work on the Camp Sonshine Activity Center, we need to see generous investors like you give $50,000 by the end of this year for the construction of the pavilion this spring to have it ready in time for camp this summer.
We will be hosting a Facebook Live Event on Giving Tuesday, November 28. Celebrated on the Tuesday following Thanksgiving and the widely recognized shopping events Black Friday and Cyber Monday, Giving Tuesday is a day set aside to give and support the nonprofits you care about.
Like last year, our Facebook Live Event will take place in the form of a variety show. A host will be talking to special guests, providing entertainment and, above all, raising funds to further Camp Sonshine’s mission of Making Memories, Changing Lives.
Camp Sonshine impacted over 2,000 campers this past summer and with your help, we can continue to share God’s love with more and more campers. Would you consider financially partnering with Camp Sonshine as we impact our community, with a generous gift on Giving Tuesday?