Master_2013_give-to-lincoln_logo-lCFCamp Sonshine is excited to announce that we will be participating again in this year’s Give to Lincoln Day, with the Lincoln Community Foundation. Give to Lincoln Day is a community wide give day in efforts to raise the support of the nonprofit organizations throughout Lincoln. In addition to the promotion of the event, there is also a $300,000 matching donation that gets distributed to the participating organizations. Last year Camp Sonshine received $70,000 and was in the top five organizations. From this success we have decided to dream even bigger! This year we have a goal of raising $90,000. This money will go directly to our Raise the Barn project that we are diligently trying to wrap up.

Give to Lincoln Day is on May, 28th!

In order for us to meet our goal that we have set for this year, we are going to need your help! The easiest way for you to get involved is to give online! You can click here to go to give online, or you can send a check to the Lincoln Community Foundation with Camp Sonshine written in the memo. Once you give, we want you to spread the word! We are excited about being a light in Lincoln, Nebraska and this is an exciting opportunity for us to get our name within the community and tell our story and yours.