CSI: Camp Sonshine International

CSI ImageCamp Sonshine, Nebraska is proud to work in connection with its global outreach partner called Camp Sonshine International. CSI coordinates opportunities for Camp Sonshine counselors, volunteers and camper families to go on trips around the world to bring the love of Jesus to children everywhere through the ministry of Camp Sonshine!

CSI collaborates with children’s ministries around the world to create exciting, fun-filled camp experiences where children get to experience God’s love and find His purpose for their lives. Teams are sent on Global Outreaches to impact children around the world.  Each team is led by seasoned children’s ministry professionals who have had extensive training and experience in international camp ministry. We also conduct trainings in addition to modeling how we run camps.

Camp Sonshine, Nebraska sponsors and leads a team that goes to Mezcales, Mexico each year.

Camp Sonshine International Locations Around the World

Roca Location



Home Office
Call: 402-423-8746
Email: info@CampSonshineMemories.org

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Marlyand Location

Philippine Location

Guatemala Location

Mexico Location

Elcho Island, Australia Location

Portugal Location

Perth, Australia Location

South Africa Location

China Location


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