Summer 2019
Registration Opens Feb 1!

Below you will find session dates, program rates, and options for summer 2019 day and overnight camp programs.

Camp Sonshine // Day Camp Options // Summer 2019

Rates Coming Soon!Grade Entering in FallK - 23 - 45 - 67 - 9
Program NameExplorerAdventureHigh AdventureLeader in Training
Tier A/Tier BTier A/Tier BTier A/Tier BTier A/Tier B
Session 1June 3 - 8XXXX
Session 2June 10 - 15XXXX
Session 3June 17 - 22XXXX
Session 4June 24 - 29XXXX
Session 5July 1 - 3Lil Sibs/Sibling CampLil Sibs/Sibling CampLil Sibs/Sibling CampLil Sibs/Sibling Camp
Session 6July 8 - 13XXXX
Session 7July 15 - 20XXXX
Session 8July 22 - 27XXXX
Session 9July 29 - Aug 3XXXX
Session 10Aug 5 - 10XXXX
Overnighters$25/camperAn Incredible campout experience held on Friday night of each session. Always a camper favorite.
AM Extended Camp$20 - Weekly Rate
$5 - Daily Rate
Morning Extended Camp is offered before the camp day beginning at 7:30 AM.
PM Extended Camp$20 - Weekly Rate
$5 - Daily Rate
Afternoon Extended Camp is offered after the camp day from 4:30-6:00 PM.

Camp Solaris // Overnight Camp Options // Summer 2019

Rates Coming Soon!Grade Entering in Fall3 - 4 / 5 - 65 - 67 - 910 - 12
Program NameSolaris AdventuresJourneyExpeditionHigh School
Tier A / Tier BTier A / Tier BTier A / Tier BTier A / Tier B
Session 1
June 3 - 6XX
Session 2June 9 - 14XX
Session 3June 16 - 21XX
Session 4June 24 - 27XX
Session 5July 1 - 3
Session 6July 8 - 11XX
Session 7July 14 - 19XX
Session 8July 21 - 26XX
Session 9July 28 - Aug 2X
Session 10Aug 4 - 9

Financial Details


A $50 non-refundable deposit per session is required with the application as minimum payment, if not yet paying in full.  The deposit is not a separate fee, but reserves your child’s spot and will be applied toward the full balance. Registrations will not be processed until the deposit is received and the registration form is fully completed and signed by a parent or legal guardian. The $50 deposit as minimum payment is only available until May 7, 2018.


Payments can be made by check, cash, credit card authorization (MasterCard or Visa only), or money order.  There is a $25 fee charged for returned checks. All fees and account balances are due Monday, May 7, 2018.  Full payment must accompany registrations that are submitted on or after May 7, 2018.

A personal payment plan can be set up if you’d like to spread out your payments. Please contact the office for specifics.


Requests for tuition refunds (excluding the deposit) must be received in writing at the camp office prior to May 31, 2018.  No tuition refunds will be granted after May 31.  Refund requests for Extended Camp and Overnighters will be accepted up until the start of the affected session.

Tiered Pricing FAQs

What is Tiered Pricing?

Realizing that families have different abilities to pay, we’ve instituted a voluntary tiered pricing program. Tier A covers the true cost of providing camp. Please pay Tier A prices whenever possible so we can continue to provide highly qualified staff and relevant programs at a well maintained camp. Tier B partially subsidizes fees for families unable to pay the entire cost of camp. This pricing structure is voluntary, requires no paper work and in no way will affect the experience each child receives.

Why Two Prices?

Instead of drastically raising prices we have come up with a more creative way to meet the financial demands it takes to run camp. The goal is that everyone is able to afford a camp experience regardless of your specific financial situation.

How Do I Select My Price?

You should look at the rate descriptions and determine which of the rate prices your family is able and willing to pay for your child’s camp experience. This program is voluntary, requires no paperwork and in no way influences the experience children receive. Simply choose the rate that is appropriate for your family.

How are the Rates Subsidized?

We are able to offer subsidized rates by generous contributions of donors and Camp Sonshine families.

What if I need further financial assistance?

If your need is greater please do not hesitate to apply for our Personal Pricing/Financial Assistance Program which provides more significant scholarships. A printable scholarship application can be found on the Parent Resource page.  Also, check with your home church to find out about summer camp scholarships that might be available through them.

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Camp Solaris

Camp Solaris
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